Buying Process

1. Contact us
Send us an email or give us a call and a qualified member from our sales team will assist you and provide information about the properties with an introduction to Cyprus if necessary.
2. Property Inspection
We will arrange your viewing tour at a time convenient to you. Subject to the inquiry our consultant will tour you to a range of options and assist with any other property related aspects. Our viewing tours include more than just visits to Patroclos’ properties; we will also arrange for you to experience some of Cyprus’ culture and history.
3. Meet the team
Patroclos Group is renowned for its personal, hands on role. While in Cyprus you will get to meet all of Patroclos team who will support you every step of the way and fulfil your requirements as best as they possible can.
4. Choose your property
Our consultants will help you pick the property that is most suitable for you. They will explain in detail the purchasing / contraction process along with flexible payment terms.
5. Your personal touch
For properties under construction, you can choose the tiles, granites, kitchen and sanitary ware to suit your style; you can even require for amendments on the architectural plans. Of course, you will have the expert advice of our architects and interior designers who always try to customise properties based on your needs.  The options available to you will depend on how far along the build process the property is.
6Sign contract of sale
Our Legal Executive will prepare a draft copy of the Contract for Property Purchase for your approval and your legal advisor. 
We recommend appointing an independent professional legal advisor to carry out the legal formalities and look after your interests. If you don’t have a legal advisor and you wish for one we will be able to put you in contact.
Having signed the contract the buyer and seller are legally bound by the terms of the contract and the payments are being processed according to the terms.
7. Property Progress and Assistance
Our Property Consultant will constantly inform you about the construction progress of your property until completion.
8. Delivery
Patroclos Group will keep you informed of the progress of your property. The final instalment is paid upon delivery of your property. Patroclos Group has a track record of always meeting delivery deadlines. Upon delivery we will also escort you to the appropriate authorities to set up utility accounts.
9. Issue of title deeds and transfer of ownership
Patroclos Group will issue and transfer your title deed within the shortest possible time frame. An expert member of our staff will coordinate with you or your legal advisor for the transfer of the title deed process. This will be specific to the property you are purchasing and will outline the legal requirements of the transaction.
10. After Sales Care
Selecting Patroclos Group for your property purchase comes with our personal guarantee for two years and one phone call is all it takes to have the expertise of our experienced technical team by your side, thus ensuring that your investment is always maintained.
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