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07 Oct 2021

Cyprus is the best place to live as a Digital nomad

Until the end of 2019, the digital nomad idea was considered as some kind of hippie movement, but then the pandemic started and we made a leap 10 years into the future. Plenty of professionals worldwide now have to work from home, although home can actually be anywhere.
30 Sep 2021

Cyprus economy on the path to recovery

Cyprus economy enters a way of recuperation and development, with private initiative, employees and our companies as its columns, Minister of Finance Constantinos Petrides said in a composed proclamation on the GDP development rate for the second quarter of 2021. 
24 Sep 2021

New era for Cyprus Tourism based on the Cypriot tradition

As an ideal opportunity, the current situation of the sustainable development of the tourism sector is presented the unequal distribution of tourists to destinations in Cyprus, which are mainly concentrated in the coastal areas.
17 Sep 2021

Metropolis Mall is opening its door on 17th of September!

Following postponements due to the Covid pandemic, Larnaca will at last see its first shopping mall open its door on 17 September. The new Metropolis Mall, close to Larnaca General Hospital, has been finished, with tenants putting the final touches of their stores. 
14 Sep 2021

The area of the old refineries is turning into a people-friendly urban space!

Larnaca municipality is planning to redevelop the area of the old oil refineries into a people-friendly, urban space, Mayor Andreas Vyras announced. The oil refineries area plan is presenting modern techniques for energy planning like urban land reclamation, family-neighbourhoods, multifunctionality, and sustainable development. 
09 Sep 2021

Cyprus is going Green by 2030

Under the motto "Power Up, Renovate, Recharge and Refuel and Modernize", Cyprus sets the bar high for the country's environment and energy efficiency, through the proposals of the recovery and Resilience Plan submitted to the European Commission.
31 Aug 2021

Global Attraction, the New Museum of Underwater Sculpture in Ayia Napa

The MUSAN museum is located on the renowned marine protected area of Ayia Napa named Pernera and was created by the internationally renowned artist Jason deCaires Taylor.
It offers to the visitors a unique experience demonstrating the relationship between humans, nature, the environment and the sea. MUSAN, opened 31/7/21 and promoted worldwide by the Deputy Ministry for Tourism.
26 Aug 2021

Larnaca is building a new pier!

The guidelines for the Larnaca Pier are included in the area plan, which was published in August 2020 and is expected to come into force in February 2022. In the Chapter "priority projects", the backfill and the formation of the coastal front with a coastal waterfront are classified among the "immediate priority projects" that constitute the first phase.
17 Aug 2021

Patroclos Group of Companies is proud to present the progress of Berengaria project.

Located in one of the most upcoming areas in Limassol, 15 two-bedroom & three-bedroom apartments and 1 shop with mezzanine will complete the project. 
09 Aug 2021

New tourist identity for Cyprus, with its main characteristic being Love!!

With Love being the main feature, the new Cyprus logo comes to strengthen the effort to empower and renew the tourist identity of the island.
02 Aug 2021

The beachfront of Mackenzie beach in Larnaca is changing

Seven small docks will be built, as part of the improvement and upgrade projects of the beachfront in Mackenzie beach.
21 Jul 2021

Countdown to Larnaca’s Marina

According to Larnaca’s mayor Andrea Vyra the city was chosen for this investment because it proved in practice that it wants and can develop the project.
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