Cyprus Economy

18 Jun 2019

Cyprus–Kazakhstan Double Tax Treaty

The Cyprus Ministry of Finance has announced that Cyprus and Kazakhstan signed a first-time Double Tax Treaty (DTT) on 15 May 2019.
10 Jun 2019

Cyprus in the world's highest category for taking care of its children

An important international recognition for Cyprus for children welfare. According to the annual global childhood report Save the Children, Cyprus ranked 13th out of 176 countries. 
05 Jun 2019

The 65 Blue Flag Cyprus Beaches

For the 13th year in a row, Cyprus ranked first in Europe for the ratio of beaches receiving the "Blue Flag", to the total amount of beaches in the country.
31 May 2019

Investment Properties in Cyprus

The Republic of Cyprus is increasingly attracting the interest of a large number of foreigners from all continents of the world to invest in the island! With a population of merely 1 million, Cyprus has become known for the high quality of life and the myriad of business opportunities and growth it offers.
24 May 2019

Properties Sale Figures Continue To Rise

According to official Lands and Surveys Department figures, Cyprus property sales reached the highest monthly figure recorded since September 2008 after a 61% increase.
29 Mar 2019

Cyprus Real Estate Investment (demand and prices)

Investing in real estate in Cyprus is worth the effort for foreigners and local investors for all kinds of real estate.
06 Mar 2019

GDP is expected to grow more than 3% this year

According to the winter economic forecast published by the European Commission, GDP growth in Cyprus is expected to reach 3.8% in 2018, following 4.2% in 2017. However, In 2019, is expected to reach 3.3% and in 2020 2,7%, due to the less favorable external environment.
21 Feb 2019

Naturalisation programs and the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

The Department of Commerce has reported that, Foreign direct investment (FDI) in Cyprus from 2014 to 2017 amounted to approximately EUR 9.2 billion, of which EUR 4.8 billion came from the various naturalization programs.
11 Jan 2019

Cyprus Greece & Israel ready to sign EastMed Agreement

Cyprus, Greece, and Israel reached an agreement on the EastMed pipeline during the 5th tripartite summit between the three countries that is being held in Beer Sheva.
04 Jan 2019

Cyprus a Popular Destination For Finance Companies

It’s no longer a secret that the reason why so many large companies technically base themselves out of what are seen as otherwise obscure countries is down to one main consideration – corporation tax. Coincidentally, or rather not.
21 Dec 2018

Two new Casinos in Cyprus by Cyprus Casinos

Cyprus Casinos has opened ‘C2 Larnaca’ at the International Airport – Glafcos Clerides, following the Nicosia opening this month and the Limasol casino earlier in the year.
20 Nov 2018

New cycle paths in Nicosia

The Department of Public Works is promoting, a new construction of bicycle infrastructure linking the Universities of Nicosia with the City center with aim of reducing the traffic chaos in the capital. 
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