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16 Oct 2019

Public developments, Investment, Cyprus
Public developments, Investment, Cyprus
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When it comes to a real estate purchase, everyone prioritizes his or her needs differently however; location is vital when choosing real estate as an investment.

When choosing a new project for development, we always select areas which have specific highlights and competitive advantages. One of the most important advantage is that within the immediate area of our new developments, there are new or upcoming municipal and government funded public interest projects.

Local area upgrades or redevelopments such as new roads, cycling paths, parks, communal facilities etc. positively affect the community and improve the welfare and living conditions of the residents. This increases the demand for properties in the area which, consequently, not only the property maintains its value, but it’s heightened. 

One of our main priorities at Patroclos Group, is the ideal location which has led us to choose the perfect one for all of our projects. The new government website has made it easier to follow and monitor public developments that are under construction or are planned for construction in the near future and at the same time promote government accountability.

In a series of short articles, we will share the publicized government-funded projects that affect the local area of our new developments.

The first series of articles concern the government projects in the local area of the following developments:

Carisa Miriam Residence – Larnaca
Carisa Galatea Residences – Larnaca
Carisa Emerald Sea Beachfront villas – Larnaca
Carisa Olivea Resort & Homes – Larnaca
Carisa Semeli Villas – Larnaca
Oceanic Village – Larnaca
Carisa Berengaria Residence – Limassol

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