Coming to Life - Projects - in Larnaca city

31 Oct 2019

tennis court, zouchouri plaza, larnaka open market
tennis court, zouchouri plaza, larnaka open market
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Following the Exandas monitoring website release for government funded projects, there are several important developments, which are currently under construction or will begin shortly, in Larnaca area in very close proximity to Carisa Miriam Residences & Carisa Galatea Residences.

The public developments which already begun include a multi-use public center consisting of a public swimming pool, park, basketball courts, gardens, parking, etc. only 80meters from Miriam Residences and 350m from Galatea Residences. It is set to be delivered to the public by the end of 2019. At the same time, the open market is under construction and is to be completed by April 2020 in just 350m from Miriam Residences. In the same area of the Open Market, another public interest project is under study of the new open plaza of Zouhouri that will be completed in September 2021.

The recent redevelopment of Larnaca’s municipal gardens and playground which host the municipal library and theatre have been completely revamped and is only 525m away from Miriam and 1km from Carisa Galatea.

These projects contribute to the overall redevelopment of the city of Larnaca and provide better welfare for the benefit of the citizens. The main goal is to gain new landmarks and improve living conditions for the citizens.

The residents of Carisa Miriam and Carisa Galatea will have easy access to all these new projects. Their location is ideal for those who want to find the perfect home and have a better quality of life for their family in the city center.

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