Cypriots amongst the most educated Europeans

09 Jun 2020

Most educated Europeans
Most educated Europeans
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The share of Cypriots with a tertiary level of education is among the highest in the EU.

According to Eurostats recent released data, in 2019 for the population born in the country member itself between the age of  30-34 with higher education was observed in Cyprus (66.2%) ranked at 1st place among all countries in Europe and the lowest share in Romania (25.8%).

With 38% between ages 30-34 born in another Member Country, and 34.2% born outside the EU, completed higher education, as opposed to 41.3% for those born within the Member Country.

In Cyprus these percentages were 41.5% 44.3% and 66.2% respectively. 
The EU target was 40% for 2020 for all three categories.

In detail, among the Member States for which data are available for 2019, the Danish immigrant population aged 30-34 born in another EU Member State had the highest percentage of higher education (68.5%) in 2019, followed by Sweden (64.7%), Luxembourg (63.8%) and Malta (63.7%). 

For people of the same age group born outside the EU, 73.6% received higher education were Estonians, followed by Irish (71.1%), Luxembourgers (61.4%) and Polish (59.7%).

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