New Gesy system aims to upgrade Healthcare

02 Jul 2019

Gesy - ΓΕΣΥ upgrade and modernize the healthcare sector
Gesy - ΓΕΣΥ upgrade and modernize the healthcare sector
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The Cyprus General Healthcare System's (GHS or Gesy) philosophy is focused on universality and social solidarity on medical facilities and aims that everybody, regardless of age, economic situation and severity of the medical condition, has equal access to quality healthcare services without any restrictions.of Cyprus has been introduce with the aim to 

From its early days of introduction of the new Healthcare System, Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou said, "about half a million individuals have enrolled in Gesy so far, which was a confirmation that we were right to insist that the system should be launched."

The GP institution is being introduced in Cyprus for the first time, he said. This new scheme is estimated to streamline the way of health care services, allowing accident and emergency departments to concentrate solely on emergency cases.

The minister also said that for the first time the ' neighborhood pharmacy ' is being introduced, "giving the choice to citizens getting their medicines from the pharmacists they know and trust for just €1 per pack."
Beneficiaries will be getting their prescriptions from their GPs and then they will be able to go to the neighborhood pharmacy and get their medication at a much lower cost than they do today, he said. Also, electronic health records are another innovation launched by Gesy.

"Citizens will have their personal electronic file from the day they are born with all the details about our medical history that will be a useful tool for our doctors from now on," he said.

The HIO announced that so far 358 family doctors (GPs), 105 pediatricians, 53 specialists, 220 pharmacies, and 29 clinical laboratories had registered.

"The process of completing the registration and signing agreements with 67 more GPs, 17 pediatricians, 500 specialists including government physicians, 33 clinical laboratories and 207 pharmacies is ongoing at the same moment," she said.

The numbers are estimated to continue to increase in the near future as the flow of subscriptions and contract is continuous. To-date 510,000 beneficiaries have been registered.

The HIO said that Gesy's original list of medication will include more than 1,000 products. As soon as manufacturers and importers can supply their medications, the list will be constantly updated with more pharmaceuticals.

It encouraged the public to be patient with any problems that may occur in the early phases of execution, "which is inevitable given the magnitude of the reform”.

For more details visit the official site of Gesy:

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