The area of the old refineries is turning into a people-friendly urban space!

14 Sep 2021

Big plans for reclamation of old refineries area in Larnaca
Big plans for reclamation of old refineries area in Larnaca
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Larnaca municipality is planning to redevelop the area of the old oil refineries into a people-friendly, urban space, Mayor Andreas Vyras announced. The oil refineries area plan is presenting modern techniques for energy planning like urban land reclamation, family-neighbourhoods, multifunctionality, and sustainable development. 

Part of the new multimillion recovery project incorporates the production of an urban space along the Larnaca-Dhekelia street, an embankment as a broad public direct park traversing the waterfront front, a multifunctional ecological pivot on Psiloritis Street, the  remodeling  of the Archangelos Kamitsis river, the formation of family neighborhood areas, a garden city (Arkoleivada) and the fulfillment of the road network. 

All this is happening because of the relocation of the oil and gas facilities from the coastal front of the city. This process of moving was difficult, persistent, and very complicated and lasted for many years,” the mayor stated. 

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