Larnaca is building a new pier!

26 Aug 2021

New Pier in Larnaca
New Pier in Larnaca
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The guidelines for the Larnaca Pier are included in the area plan, which was published in August 2020 and is expected to come into force in February 2022. In the Chapter "priority projects", the backfill and the formation of the coastal front with a coastal waterfront are classified among the "immediate priority projects" that constitute the first phase.

After a special Coast engineering study and the necessary coast protection projects, the plan provides for backfilling and the formation of a public beach area, which through the appropriate design will provide, in addition to the protection of the coastal area, the possibility of creating a multifunctional park along the beach, which is suitable for multiple uses and activities.

The identity of the spaces, according to the strategic planning, will be determined by the variety of flooring, placement of greenery and creation of gardens on unsealed surfaces, properly spaced sunshades using a variety of materials, canals, jets and fountains.
 Floating platforms to create living spaces and active entertainment will be structured at the level of the provisions of the area plan.

The construction projects will be implemented within the framework of a special unified design and the imposition of conditions for their implementation during the licensing of the developments, so that the owners of private properties will be committed to enable the unified design to be executed. The second part of the proposed immediate priority projects concerns the completion of roads of primary importance and basic secondary road network, which remains unfinished. Elements of this network will connect on the one hand the coastal area with the hinterland and on the other hand the area as a whole with the other areas of the city and the island, through the highways. Immediate priority will be given to the implementation of road urban projects related to the improvement/ widening and expansion of some existing main roads and at the same time to the implementation of targeted traffic management and recession measures, to alleviate existing pressures on parts of the secondary road network. 

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