Why to Invest In Cyprus

24 Apr 2020

Why to Invest In Cyprus
Why to Invest In Cyprus
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Cyprus is one of the best destinations for foreign investment. It offers a conducive environment for a business to thrive. Cyprus is a small but dynamic island nation that presents not only plenty of investment opportunities but also a favorable business environment. 

Find out why you can invest with confidence in Cyprus:

• Its Strategic Location on the crossroads of 3 continents Europe, Africa, and Asia strengthens its position as a major Eastern Mediterranean trading post and significant international business and services center
• It is a European Union and Eurozone member state that offers complete access to European Union markets as well as the associated benefits and guarantees stability and safety for investors
• Safe and secure environment
• Safest country in the World among small countries and 5th worldwide (2016)
• Safest country in the world for young people (2017) 
• Caters to 3 mil tourists per year 
• High level of services, including financial, medical, education, telecommunications, etc. 
• High standard but a low cost of living 
Growth sectors and opportunities (Real Estate, Gas, energy, tourism, Health, Education, Shipping)
• The recent natural gas discovery will be a game-changer for the economy
• Mediterranean climate with 340 days of sunshine
• Beneficial Tax Systems. Profits of Cyprus tax resident companies are taxed at a flat rate of 12.5% which is the lowest corporate income tax rate in the European Union and a 5% tax rate in pensions for internationals 
• New “Non-Dom “ tax residency with only 60 days stay minimum requirement. 
• Double taxation treaties with 60+ countries 
• Non-EU citizens have the ability to obtain permanent residency/citizenship through the purchase of a real estate for an investment amount of €2 million 

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