Cyprus: An overview

With history that dates back thousands of years, Cyprus is the largest and most cosmopolitan island in the Eastern Mediterranean. The Republic of Cyprus joined the European Union in 2004 and the Euro zone in 2008. Cyprus is connected with most European capitals on a daily basis by air, and residents enjoy one of the highest standards of living amongst European states in issues regarding crime rates, education, economy and lifestyle.

The fact that it is the birthplace of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of Beauty and love herself, is no coincidence; The natural beauty is stunning. Being surrounded by a coastal lace with crystal clear waters, smooth sandy beaches, green valleys, picturesque mountain villages and with a warm Mediterranean climate with 330 days of sunshine, makes Cyprus a dream destination where visitors can enjoy swimming and water-sports throughout the year.

Cyprus was the meeting point of great civilizations due to its strategic location. In its 9,000 years of recorded history, the culture of the island has been shaped by its conquerors; Ancient Greek sanctuaries, Roman temples and medieval castles, reveal the rich history of the island. Ten of the numerous Byzantine frescoespainted churches have been inscribed on the UNSESCO Heritage List, along with other archaeological monuments. All these influences blend harmonically with the modern, cosmopolitan Cyprus of today.

In Cyprus there is much to enjoy, see and do. It is a whole world condensed in a small area.

The Lifestyle

Cyprus offers excellent medical healthcare, low air and noise pollution and is ranked one of the safest places to live in the world. The warm weather offers residents and visitors the opportunity to enjoy a variety of activities available on the island such as horse and bike riding, mountain climbing, swimming and sun bathing at one of the many blue flag beaches, sailing and nature exploring at one of Cyprus’ forest trails. During the winter months skiing and snowboarding is available on Troodos mountain. With almost 4 million tourists per year choosing Cyprus as their holiday destination, Cyprus, is ranked 5th for its tourism infrastructure in the world.

Taste the diverse and healthy Mediterranean cuisine that is bursting with flavour and dance at one of the numerous festivals that take place throughout the year.


The combination of business and leisure makes Cyprus an ideal place to live and invest. It is a place where you can set your own pace of living.

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