The Patroclos Difference

Our Work

The group carries out and completes its projects to strict deadlines, stringent quality controls and the best materials and workmanship - all of which form the 'Patroclos guarantee'.

Our Vision

Expansion – Commitment - Quality of Life
The group’s long-term vision for the future is to continue to expand, and to uphold a commitment to consistently provide a superior level of living for our clients through our construction and developments.

Our Commitments

Quality - Environment - Society
The group’s number one commitment is to the highest standards of construction quality and attention to detail for each and every project. A strong emphasis is placed on projects that combine functionality, the best use of space and architectural aesthetics.
With these ideals as our basis, every project we construct is a sound and lasting investment. Our pledge is to not only meet, but exceed client expectation and satisfaction with our reputation and trusted name as a guarantee of the quality and service we provide.
Ensuring that our operations are environmentally friendly is of paramount importance for us, and we have an environmental policy in place that makes use of alternative sources of energy such as wind and solar power.

Our Clients

Satisfaction - Choice - Investment
Our client list is made up of a wide range of satisfied buyers and investors from Cyprus, Europe and many other countries. Whilst Cypriots and expatriates themselves mainly buy permanent residences, those from abroad choose the islands of Cyprus and Crete for their natural beauty and year-round sunny climate. Both islands offer a wise purchase as a second home in the sun, a place to retire in the future or a sound investment, and our clients both locally and globally have expressed their satisfaction with both the end product and the service they have received throughout.
Client Benefits
For over 30 years Patroclos Group of Companies has been synonymous with quality construction and has a proven track-record of client benefits:
  • The choicest real estate locations which increase with value over time making them ideal for investment
  • The use of only the highest quality building materials
  • Timeless and functional architectural design
  • Adherence to delivery deadlines
  • Granting of title deeds in the shortest possible time-frames
  • Bank guarantees
  • Complete professionalism
  • A full service before, during and after purchase


Drive - Vision - Innovation
Having long recognised the demands of a competitive global market, the group has expanded with great success within the Greek market, and specifically in Crete.
Land for both investment and development in Crete is carefully chosen for its location and future prospects. Specifically, the group has built high-spec rural residences and villas in select areas of Heraklion and Chania that appeal to both local and foreign investors.
Expansion in Crete will continue over the next years with developments planned in some of the most beautiful areas of the island.

Economic Prospects

Planning - Productivity - Steady Growth
Since its inception in 1983, Patroclos Group of Companies has steadily expanded both its client list and its project portfolio. This continuing growth and success is largely attributed to a strong management team and a solid company structure. This winning combination has placed the group as one of the leading construction companies in Cyprus.
With a dedicated team and the ongoing investment, planning, vision and development of the group, the future is set follow this success.

Our World

Professionalism - Specialists - Passion 
Quality and high standards within the group do not just apply to the level of construction, but also to the caliber of our staff. Our experienced and committed team is comprised of highly-trained and specialised technicians, architects, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, interior designers and experts within every field of construction.
The high level of our staff extends from administrative personnel all the way up and each and every member of the team shares our passion, innovation and professionalism. This is evident in the services we provide and our overall mission to ensure that every customer is a happy one.
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